ORESTEIA Commitees

The Project operation will be assured by the following relevant roles: a) Project Manager, b) Technical Leader, c) Workpackage Leaders, and d) Technical contributors; and by means of the following Project Bodies: a) Project Co-ordination Board (PCB), b) Project Technical Committee (PTC), and c) Workpackage Teams (WP).
Project Manager. The mandate of the Project Manager is to represent the project, report to the Commission, monitor overall performance of the project, promote project visibility, promote dissemination of project results in the relevant international forums, promote acceptance of project results, administer project resources and monitor project spending.
Technical Leader. The mandate of the Technical Leader is to audit technical performance of the project, ensure accomplishment of the technical objectives of the project, promote, in association with the Project Manager, project visibility in the international forums.
Workpackage Leaders. They are responsible for the performance of Workpackages, and they must be committed to the Workpackage for at least four (4) man-months per year.
Technical Contributors. Technical contributors are specialized staff provided by the Partners. They could be either people active on a stable basis into a Workpackage, or people who contribute from time to time on specific tasks related to the workplan (External Contributors).
Project Co-ordination Board (PCB). The PCB is chaired by the Project Manager and constituted by one representative from each Partner and is the main decision body of the Consortium. It is in charge of all formal decisions regarding: technical direction of the work, relations with the IST Office, policies for promotion of results and administrative arrangements. In the view of minimizing management overhead and project costs, partners providing the Project Manager, the Technical Leader and the Workpackage Leaders are required to appoint the same person as their official representative in the Project Co-ordination Board.
Project Technical Committee (PTC). The PTC is chaired by the Technical Leader and constituted by the Workpackage Leaders. It has the following tasks: to agree on project technical planning, to submit project technical planning to the PCB for approval, to ensure proper interrelation among Workpackages, to enforce and guide the execution of the technical plan, to report to the PCB.
Workpackage Teams (WP). Workpackage Teams are constituted by technical contributors. Each Workpackage Team will be chaired by a Workpackage Leader, and it will be in charge of carrying out the technical work as described in the Technical Annex.