Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Integration of multimedia processing and Semantic Web technologies
  • Multimedia ontologies and infrastructures
  • Knowledge assisted multimedia data mining
  • Knowledge based inference for semi-automatic semantic media annotation
  • Integration of content-based image/video analysis with natural language and speech processing
  • Multimodal techniques, high dimensionality reduction and low-level feature fusion
  • Revelance feedback for finding semantics
  • Semantic-driven multimedia indexing and retrieval
  • Metadata management for multimedia
  • Browsing large multimedia archives
  • Scalable, semantic-driven multimedia content adaptation and summarization
  • Interfaces and personalisation for interaction with large multimedia repositories
  • Semantics-driven multimedia presentation generation
  • Content, user, network and semantics-aware media engineering
  • Standards bridging the multimedia and knowledge domains